Objectives and principles of ÖPIA

Objectives of ÖPIA

  • Conducting inter- and transdisciplinary analysis of the demographics of ageing
  • Increasing cooperation between different disciplines and retrieving new findings, gained through this
    holistic and interdisciplinary approach
  • Elaborating comprehensive, scientifically sound and politically relevant strategies for the (Austrian) society in an international context
  • Raising public awareness and improving the image of ageing in the realms of society as well as discussing the most relevant questions in public
  • Acting as a contact point and link between research, practice and politics for questions related to ageing and intergenerational relations
  • Linking ÖPIA with other international networks


Principles of ÖPIA

  • ÖPIA acts on a non-partisan, independent and non-profit basis
  • ÖPIA does by no means aim to duplicate or substitute existing research institutions or projects
  • ÖPIA deals with questions relevant to society and politics
  • ÖPIA welcomes input from scientifically and politically interested persons