Expert dialogues

With its expert dialogues ÖPIA has introduced a line of informal exchange of information and knowledge between representatives from different scientific disciplines, political backgrounds and relevant public institutions. Approximately four times a year, ÖPIA organizes an afternoon of discourse, where topics of broad scientific and public interest are discussed. The main objectives are mutual exchange of information, joint debate and identification of interdisciplinary and inter-departmental questions and possibilities of transdisciplinary cooperation.


Topics of ÖPIA expert dialogues 2013

  • Dialogue for networking in health promotion, prevention and ageing


Topics of ÖPIA expert dialogues 2012

  • Setting-oriented health promotion in residential long term care for elderly - Experiences from a pilot project ("Gesundheit hat kein Alter") in the context of national and international perspectives
  • 1st ÖPIA Atlas of Gerontology Network Meeting
  • Meeting ÖPIA - German Centre of Gerontology (DZA)


Topics of ÖPIA expert dialogues 2011

  • International studies on centenarian studies and oldest old
  • Cash vs. non-cash benefits in the care of disabled and older people
  • Ageing and technology - Conceptions and strategies in science and research
  • Health promotion and ageing - Experiences and perspectives for practice


Topics of ÖPIA expert dialogues 2010

  • Preparation for 2012 - European Year of Active Ageing and 10 years of the UN International Plan of Action on Ageing
  • Scientific, political and application-oriented questions in the context of ageing, rights and ethics
  • SHARE and other databases - Perspectives and opportunities in and for Austria
  • Internationale and national visibility of networks on ageing research in Austria